Travel products we use and recommend!

In full transparency, we may make a small commission from sales from this page.
But, we would recommend them to our clients if we didn't!

Luggage Items We Love

Hard-sided, spinner wheels, & well-organized are words that should describe your bags when you travel!

Samsonite Luggage

Hard-sided luggage is a must as it offers more protection for what is inside from bumps, bangs, and rain! We have Samsonite and use it for short and long trips!

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes keep your clothes organized, help them to arrive less wrinkled, and make unpacking at your destination so much easier!

Coolife Luggage

We recently purchased Coolife luggage and love it! Hard-sided luggage is a must!

Carry-on Bags

Having a good carry-on bag is important. It should be hard-sided because you never know when you'll be on a small plane and required to gate-check your bag.

Travel Tote Bag

You are allowed one personal bag on your flight. Maximize your space by putting your crossbody purse in a tote bag. A tote with a luggage handle pocket is a must!

Luggage Scale

There is a weight limit for each bag on airplanes. It is always best to check the weight of your bag before you go to the airport rather than finding out your bag is overweight at the airport, which could result in having to leave things, repack your bags in the middle of the airport, or expensive fees!

Don't Forget Your Tech!

We all travel with our technology and that means we have to keep it safe and carry all of the chargers and accessories required. We are no different! These are some of the tech products we love to travel with.

USB Charging Tower

We take one of these with us on every trip, keep one beside every bed at home, and have one in the kitchen! It is safe to say we love the convenience of charging wherever we are!

Laptop & Tablet Backpack

Protect your larger tech pieces while you travel with a specialized backpack!

Small Tech Organization

Keep all of your cords organized with one of these bags! It is a lifesaver on a plane or in the airport when you just need one cord - just open the bag and go directly to the one you need - no more tangled cords or sorting through a pile of wrapped cords!

Portable Charger

Whether you're taking pics, using your GPS, or posting all of your pics and videos, you want to be sure you have a portable charger (or 2) with you to keep your phone charged.

Lightning Charging Cables (Apple)

It is always a good plan to have extra charger cables for your devices! You don't want to be on vacation when one stops working.

Charging Cables (Android)

Travel Smart!

When you're traveling, whether domestically or internationally, protecting your identity and financial information is extremely important. These are products we use when we travel for that very reason.

RFID Blocking Passport Wallet

When traveling, it is important to protect your identity and finances. Always choose RFID products to protect your passport and cards.

RFID Blocking Money Belt

Keep your extra cash and cards hidden with a money belt worn under your clothes. 

RFID Blocking Hidden Wallet

This option hangs from your belt inside your pants.

Stay Organized

Being organized during your trip will make you feel better and save you valuable time you could spend relaxing or experiencing new things!

Travel Pill Organizer

Don't forget your health while you're gone! Have all of your vitamins and medications ready to go before you travel with a pill organizer.

Toiletry & Cosmetic Organizer

Keeping your toiletries and cosmetics organized makes getting ready so much easier when you are traveling!

Jewelry Organizer

Keep your jewelry organized and untangled when you travel!

Travel Basics

Things you don't want to forget, things you might not have thought about, and things we love and just want to share!

TSA Approved Liquids Bag

When packing your carry-on bag, you are required to have a specific size clear bag for your liquids. These reusable, sturdy bags with zippers are one of our favorite travel items!

Beach Towel Bands

Beach Towel Bands do a great job of holding down beach towels on windy days.

Travel Journal

Travel is a learning experience - make notes each day about what you saw, what you ate, who you met, etc. 


Ponchos are a great thing to put in your bag for theme park vacations, Alaskan cruises, and any beach vacation where you think you might go deep sea fishing!

Harry Potter Lanyard

If you're going on a Universal Parks vacation, or just love Harry Potter, these lanyards are great!

Beach Towel Clips

Hate it when your beach towel blows off your chair or wraps around you when the wind blows? Hold it down with beach towel clips.

Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags are always important - remember to protect yourself by putting your email and phone number rather than your address!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Luggage Tags

These are to protect the tags you print for your Royal Caribbean Cruise. Put them on when you get to the port - be sure to wait until after your flight!

Norwegian Cruise Line Luggage Tags

These are to protect the tags you print for your Norwegian Cruise. Put them on when you get to the port - be sure to wait until after your flight!